Best bike rental in Menorca, electric and conventional bicycles


If you were able to find us, it’s because you want to enjoy Menorca in a different way.

At JFB Menorca, we offer Fat Bikes rental bicycles, a new concept in high quality and incredible cool looking bicycles.  You will not find anything like it on the whole island!


We have 2 types of FAT Bikes for rentAdult Regular and  Adult Electric, all sharing the same quality, riding comfort and astonishing good looks.  Also, you can add multiple accessories to your rental: bicycle chair for children, sport action cameras…, we make it easy for you.


We also have Custom style Electric Bikes, with an unmatched riding comfort .

And of course, you can borrow a helmet and bicycle lock for free for the total length of your rental.


Whether you are a visitor, a resident, traveling alone or with family, friends or with pets, don’t hesitate to explore Menorca’s streets and country roads with these fantastic bikes.


“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race”.  

H.G. Wells




"El ciclismo satisface muchas necesidades. Si te sientes en plan gregario, puedes salir en grupo. O puedes ir en solitario. Si te sientes agresivo, puedes ir rápido, si estás cansado y quieres relajarte, puedes ir despacio. Además la bicicleta no discrimina por edad"

Georgena Terry