Algunas de nuestras bicis de alquiler

We are Just Fun Bikes, a bike rental company Fat Bikes, conventional and electric , and other unique bikes.

But behind this name we are, Ramon and Nuria . Tireless travelers , nature lovers and lovers of Menorca .


Just fun bikes alquiler bicicletas menorca nosotros

We have created Just Fun Bikes Menorca with a porpouse, to fill a need : to visit Menorca in comfortable , reliable , fun and easy to ride bicycles .

During one of our trips , and as we do in most of them, we rented a bike . In this case , they were not conventional bicycles, but Fat Bikes. With them we rode around the island on our own , without pressure and enjoing the nature ; we passed beaches, trails , towns and roads without much effort or trouble. We felt in  loved with this bikes.It was an unforgettable experience.

We wondered, why not take this opportunity to those who want to visit Menorca and enjoy it like we did on our trip . And from that moment we got down to work , to cerate what is now Just Bikes Bikes.

Our mission is clear : To offer visitors and locals the option of renting alternative bicycles, smooth , agile , good priced , and above all, without problems.