FIRST.- Bicycles and accessories related to this lease are owned by Just Fun Bikes. In any case, by holding this, the customer will never have any rights in regarding the bycicle.

SECOND.-The headline states that users of this agreement are in perfect health conditions for cycling , and takes responsibility when using the bike undergoing coronary disease,ear , eye , or circulatory.

THIRD.- The rented bicycle includes a helmet for each customer, and a charged battery ( when you renta n electric biycicle) The customer is agree with the conditions of the bicycles, and assumes the responsibility to return the bikes as it was delivered (perfect condition) ,. In case of damage to the bicycle , the owner of it, is entitled to claim the holder of the lease a maximum of € 500 per bike(estándar Fat Bike). In the case of loss of the bicycle or batteries , the owner of it, is entitled to claim the maximum amount of € 1,500 per bicycle.

FOURTH.- The contract holder is constituted in depositary and custodian / of the rented bicycles and accessories, assuming all civil and criminal liabilities that this condition implies , until they are returning them to the rental company(Just Fun Bikes)

FIFTH.- The owner of the bike , disclaims any liability in case of accident in the use of the bycicles.The owner reserves the right to claim against the user of the bicycle in case of misuse.

SIXTH.- The lessor may unilaterally terminate the contract before its conclusion in case of serious breach by the customer in the use and care of the rented goods. In this case it may remove all the rented goods in any place and time without claims or compensation. for the customer.

SEVENTH.-Bicycles or rented equipment may only be used by the persons designated by the customer .

EIGHTH .-The owner delivers the equipment in perfect condition. The customer must return them in the same conditions

NINTH.-The customer is obliged to take care and to take all necessary measures to protect bicycles and rented equipment for damage , loss or theft precautions. In case any of the above situations will occur during the rental period , the customer will have to pay the cost of the replacement, parts, accessories or the Bicycle itself.. The customer is obliged at all times to lock the bikes when they don´t have visual contact with the goods. It is recommended in any case to keep the goods as long as possible near you, and never leave them in the streets at night.

TENTH.- It will be borne by the customer any damage, malfunction , accessory as all kinds of fines, penalties, and any other extra costs resulting from events that occurred during the term of the contract.

ELEVENTH.- The company has a liability insurance covering any damage arising as a result of defects in the rented material.

TWELFTH.- It is your responsibility to respect the rules of Spanish traffic laws.

THIRTEENTH.- In case of damage or deficiencies with rented equipment and / or accidents for users, will telephone immediately responsible for justfunbikes the phone 649 467 547 If due to a malfunction of the bicycle during the rental period is not possible to finish the period of hire , nor substitute with another , the customer can not make any claims for damages it may have caused himself.

FOURTEENTH.- Bicycle user undertakes: • Make good use of the bicycle and the material provided by the company owner. • reimburse the owner for any damage caused to or by the bicycle and for damage caused to third parties. • Respect traffic rules and comply with the rules relating thereto. • Do not pass private farms. • Do not litter or debris in the road. • In case of breakdown or deficiencies with rented equipment and / or accidents for users, will telephone immediately to justfunbikes to the phone number +34 638 76 9850 • To comply with each and every one of these clauses. In accordance with the stipulations of Organic Law 15/199 Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be included in a database under the responsibility of the owner of the rental agreement, with the aim of addressing the commitments we have with you. In any case, you have the right to access the information collected on this file, modify or cancel and object to their treatment by writing to Rent a Bike Menorca (Calle Mallorca 24, 3, Ferreries) Until otherwise communicate, we understand that your data has not been modified, you agree to notify any change and that we have your consent to the communication of data to other companies when this communication is necessary for the performance of this contract or if it can be an improvement in the relationship between both parties. • The customer gives the image rights for its own use in Just Fun Bikes in their social networks and digital media. The customer declares to have read and accepted the above conditions.